Press release 13.04.2014

Here can you download the press release as a doc: 2014.04.13 Hybrid Event press release


The FILDERHALLE organises «Hybrid Events» – using exclusively its own technology

The FILDERHALLE meeting and convention centre in the convention and exhibition city of Leinfelden-Echterdingen has a 10 GB fibre Internet connection and its own camera and live-streaming technology. In addition, the convention centre is equipped with a high-tech wireless system into which up to 2,000 devices can be logged in. These technical features in combination with a special App (application software) for mobile devices, allows the Filderhalle to offer hybrid Events from a single source.


„Hybrid Events“ provide many benefits to participants and organizers

In a „hybrid event“ all event participants have the opportunity to participate in real time from anywhere, via their own smart phones, tablets and notebooks; they can receive important information about the event, take part in opinion polls, as well as interact with the speakers and other conference participants. This is made possible by installing an App, which can be uploaded to all normal mobile devices. An external subscriber can additionally through „live streaming“ follow the event in picture and sound via the Internet in real time. On the website a three-minute video provides answers to the question „What is a hybrid event?“   „The decision of congress delegates to attend a particular event depends on a variety of factors, such as scheduling problems, high travel costs or travel problems such as strikes, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters. The possibility of external, interactive participation is an attractive alternative to visiting the venue,“ says Nils Jakoby, Managing Director of the FILDERHALLE . The „hybrid event“ offers organizers a higher turnover through external participants. Furthermore, companies can minimize their costs significantly for customer and employee events.


About the FILDERHALLE conference and convention centre

The FILDERHALLE in the congress and trade fair city Leinfelden-Echterdingen is the ideal location in the Stuttgart region for all events where accessibility is an important criterion: Conveniently located on the A8, near Stuttgart International Airport and the Stuttgart trade fair grounds, the meeting and congress centre is optimally located for public transport. The FILDERHALLE which has been awarded the Green Globe offers a flexible programme space for events for up to 1,700 people and on-site, modern event technology. A special feature of FILDERHALLE is the permanent, powerful wireless system with a 10 GB fibre optic internet connection, which is suitable, for example for video-conferencing, and interactive conferences. A professional team of project managers and event technicians ensures the smooth running of events of every type and size. Further information is available at:


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